The Team



Kobi Zam

Product Lead

He has years of experience in large data systems
and correlating different technology teams.
Withs a rich background in both
development and product design. 

Jeff Pulver

Lead Investor

Tech Guru - active investor in (early) early-stage companies with a specific focus since 2007 on Israeli Hi-Tech Startups.

Jeff is an Internet pioneer known for his work in growing the VoIP industry. A globally renowned thought leader, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur. In 1995 Jeff defined “VON” to stand for Voice/Video on the Net. In 2004 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued what is known as “The Pulver Order.” From 1997 to 2008 he hosted/produced the VON Conferences which directly contributed to the worldwide acceptance of VoIP.
From 2016 the "VON" journey is continuing under the new name MoNage


Jerry Mintz


Born in Canada, he founded and is still the owner of the Mitzpe Alummot
health retreat in Israel. He has decades of experience in start-ups and the
real-estate world, and worked on projects in the US such as the
development of downtown Hollywood, Florida.

He has a unique worldview and we are lucky to have him share his
experience with us. 

Roie Reuveni

Creative Lead

He lived in San Francisco for more than six years, and graduated
with a BFA in Advertising from the Academy of Art University (AAU)
in 2015.

After a few internships in San Francisco he moved to Israel and is now
our creative lead.  

Alexander Vaizner

Full Stack Specialist

Based in Germany, he is Knowledgeable in automated testing
and behavioral driven development. He also advocates and practices
agile software development methods.

Most of all he enjoys the success of building software that people
want to use.

Ishai Levy

Software Integrator

He is an Ubuntu specialist with years of experience in the implementation
of servers on various systems. He is also proficient in analytics for
large data bases.